Hi! I'm Courtney Autumn Martin* and I am a freelance illustrator living in Rhode Island. I grew up in Manchester, CT and graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) with a degree in illustration. 

I currently work primarily as a pop culture artist and am a member of Poster Posse, a collective of artists creating for-hire alternative movie poster art. 

My work in children's publishing includes picture books, book covers, and educational illustrations.

In my spare time, I create colorful abstract circle doodle paintings which I sell at art fairs and in my other online shop. My husband (Adam) and I share a book-and-art-filled home with our two cats, Griffin and Miette.

I am represented by Don & Rebecca Thompson of MEOKCA for work relating to film, tv, and other media.

For work inquiries or commissions, please click here.

Social media: @camartinart  (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest)

Email: camartinart@gmail.com

Portfolio: camartinart.com

‚Äč*Please note: Image attributions/illustrator credits should use "C.A. Martin" rather than my full name. Thank you!