Please consult this list of frequently asked questions before contacting me, as your question may already have been answered. Thank you! :)


Q: Do you accept returns or cancellations?
I'm selling pricey pieces of paper and must minimize the time they spend in a tube, as the longer they spend in transit the more possible it is that they could be damaged along the way. Orders usually ship immediately so cancellations are not possible. Please be certain of your order before placing it.

Q: My order arrived damaged. What do I do?
A: If damage occurs in transit, message me immediately upon receipt of item.
All orders ship insured. Your order will be replaced if prints are still available, or refunded if the print has sold out. 

Q: Do you ship Internationally?
No. INTERNATIONAL shipping is NOT available.
Please do not message me about international shipping.
I will not be making exceptions. (Sorry!)
I apologize for the inconvenience. The long delays (up to 3 months) and unpredictability of international shipping has been stressful and I do not want to deal with it, so I am not offering it.  I am a single person running a small business. I can not keep up with the emails asking about international shipping. If you email about international shipping, I will no longer be replying. I am sorry I can't be more accomodating. 

Q: I am looking for a print that is sold out. Can you print more?
A: No. Sold out means SOLD OUT forever.
Limited edition means just that. Limited. Once sold out, they will never become available again in any form. Trust me, if I had more to sell, they'd be in my shop. Any copies that I have left are my own personal copies for my portfolio. If you are in search of a sold out print, your best bet is to track one down on the aftermarket, on reselling sites like eBay. Because my print editions are small (usually 75 or less), they do not come up for resale a lot, but it's worth a try.
These screenprints are SOLD OUT forever:
- Contact - sold out as of March 2021
- Interstellar - sold out as of August 2020 
- Breath of The Wild - sold out as of March 2020

Q: How do US orders ship?
A: USPS Priority Mail insured
SCREEN PRINT orders are shipped within 3 days of placement unless otherwise stated. US domestic orders ship via USPS priority which usually takes 3-5 days. Screen prints are shipped rolled in a 4" heavy duty cardboard tube.
GICLÉE PRINTS are shipped directly from the print shop, usually within 3 days of placing your order. Large prints are shipped rolled in a cardboard tube and small prints ship flat. Should any damage occur in transit, please let me know and the print shop will send a replacement. If your order incurs damage during shipping please take a photo and contact me.

Q: Why is my order delayed in transit?
A: USPS is experiencing unpredictable major shipping delays
USPS priority mail orders can take anywhere from their normal time of 2-3 days to over a month! Shipping delays are outside of my control and some packages stall on their way but they are not considered lost. Please be patient. 

Q: Can you add a remarqué to the print?
A: No. I do not do signature customizations or custom drawings on my prints.
I am too clumsy and I don't want to mess up your expensive print. Often, the texture of the paper is difficult to comfortably draw on. 

Q: Can I buy a digital version of your file and print my own copy?
A: No. Never. Definitely not.
All of my prints are limited editions and it is very important to me that I oversee and ensure the quality of my prints. I will never compromise the interegity of my print editions and I never give out my very valuable high resolution files.

Q: Do you sell your prints on other sites (Like Red Bubble) or on other products (tshirts, mugs, bags, etc)? 
A: No.

I have my own Etsy site (CAMartinArts) but I prefer to sell through my own shop here because Etsy fees are so high. This shop has all my products, and Etsy only has a few. I do NOT sell on any other product sites, so if you see art of mine being sold on places like Red Bubble or Teespring, they are using stolen images. Please do not buy from third party sellers. Kind people often let me know when they suspect an image has been stolen, and I always appreciate it so I can report it and take it down. 

Q: What is a giclée? How do I care for it?
A: A giclée (prounced zhee-KLAY) is a high quality archival ink jet print.
The print shop I use is called You place your order with me, and I place the order with them. They ship the print to you on my behalf. It will come rolled image-side out. Carefully unroll it on a clean surface, image side down. Weigh it down, and allow it to flatten out completely before putting it in a frame. Avoid hanging it in areas with fluxuating mositure as it can cause the paper to warp over time. 

Q: Why did my limited edition giclée print arrive unnumbered?
A: Message me. I can tell you what number your print is if you want to pencil it in.
I keep a spreadsheet for every print and know what number in the edition your print is. I recently began having the print shop number my giclées for me, but earlier prints were sold without numbering. Rest assured, it is still a limited edition and I keep track of the numbers. I never oversell beyond the edition run.

Q: Can I hire you for official freelance work or a private commission?
A: Please check out this page on my website for more information.  
Tell me about your project and I will see if I am the right fit to take it on.